Zephyr Teachout released the following statement:

“I am so incredibly proud of this campaign. We gave the billionaires trying to buy our elections a real run for their money-faceless men, cowards who spent $6.7 million to shut us up-but we barked back with an average contribution of $19. It’s because of the parents, teachers, veterans, farmers, and small business owners in the 19thCongressional District that this race was as close as it is. We showed them that we the people will not be dictated to, and our fight continues. Once a century a generation is called on to restore American democracy. Today our generation is called. And if there’s one thing I learned on the campaign trail – it is that we are more than brave enough and more than smart enough to take our democracy back. This is our moment. We may have lost this race, but we’re not going away.”

No fewer than four SuperPACs targeted Teachout, spending $6.7 million in attack ads against her. In contrast, more than 100,000 grassroots supporters made almost a quarter million contributions to her campaign, at an average of about $19 a piece.