Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Campaigns with Zephyr Teachout

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Campaigns with Zephyr Teachout

Pledge to work together on local jobs & farms, clean water and key veterans’ issues in next Congress        

United States Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York) today campaigned with Zephyr Teachout, urging people to vote for her on Election Day.

"Zephyr Teachout believes in bringing jobs home, supporting local farming, and making things in America again.  She understands that Congress needs more independent voices standing up to powerful interests and putting our local people and local businesses first.  And Zephyr treasures this area just like I do -- she knows we need to protect our clean water and fresh air, strengthen our family farms and build vibrant local economies across the Hudson Valley, Catskills and Capital Region.  I urge everyone to vote for Zephyr on Election Day, because her positive vision and fierce independence can bring the change we need,” said Senator Gillibrand.

“I’m thrilled to have the support of Senator Gillibrand, because we share so many values: that hard work is important, that the voices of regular people must be heard in Washington, and that we’ve got to fight corruption and shake up the status quo so we can get our economy moving again.  We’ll work together in Washington for our independent businesses against the big corporations and lobbyists trying to squeeze out the little guy,” added Teachout.

Senator Gillibrand and Teachout met with voters at the Country View Diner in Troy. Among other things, they discussed the needs of women veterans in New York;  Teachout pledged to work with Gillibrand to expand education, job training and entrepreneurial small business opportunities for women vets in our area.

“Women veterans have drive, determination and incredible skills -- they’re a tremendous resource for our economy and our communities.  I’m dedicated to helping veterans build businesses, create jobs and expand opportunities for all of us,” said Teachout.  “Senator Gillibrand has been a national leader on this, and we’re going to work together to ignite the skills and resources of veterans to explode economic growth across our region.”

Both leaders committed to a push for “Made in America” local manufacturing in the Hudson Valley, Catskills and Capital Region, with new grants and financing for small and medium-sized manufacturers and special assistance with needed transitions to advanced manufacturing and energy-efficient products and production.  

“Families here want to be able to work, build businesses and raise families in the place they love,” said Teachout.  “Our federal government has got to stop subsidizing tax breaks for billionaires and big corporations and start working for regular people.  I’m committed to working with Senator Gillibrand to stand up to the special interests and work on common-sense priorities that will revive our economy and show that democracy can work again.”