Protecting Social Security

Zephyr Teachout will fight to expand — never cut — Social Security benefits, to ensure that we can all live and retire in dignity.

Here in New York’s 19th district, almost one in four people rely on Social Security benefits. Social Security is the bedrock of America’s social compact. But Social Security doesn't just support the elderly in retirement. When a breadwinner can no longer work due to disability or death, Social Security ensures that a worker's family is not left to suffer in poverty.

But Social Security is under attack — corporate executives and Wall Street bankers want to cheat workers out of their pensions and gamble away their savings.

In Congress, Zephyr Teachout will be fearless protector of Social Security by:

  • Advocating for the wealthy to pay the same rate into the Social Security system as the rest of us, so we can expand earned benefits for seniors and extend them for decades.

  • Fighting the efforts to privatize Social Security and turn it over to the ups and downs of the stock market.

  • Campaigning to stop discriminatory proposals to raise the retirement age that would force workers to put in more hours for fewer benefits.