National Security

Zephyr Teachout will be a voice for common sense, realism, and balance in the realm of foreign policy — and will keep us safe from terrorism and protect our nation's security.

Zephyr has a history of good judgement. She opposed the war in Iraq when it was unpopular to do so, and she was right -- the war in Iraq has compromised our national security, and created a power-vacuum that enabled the rise of ISIS. She disagreed with President Obama on the intervention in Libya, and has been a consistent voice for restraint against getting entangled in open-ended conflicts without an exit strategy.

In Congress, Zephyr Teachout will be an advocate for a sensible approach to national security by:

  • Acting as a voice of restraint against reckless wars in the Middle East and around the world.

  • Advocating for international alliances to prevent dictators from obtaining nuclear weapons, and working in coalition to prevent the root causes of radicalization and terror that have given rise to ISIS and al-Qaeda.

  • Working to provide law enforcement with the tools and training to prevent attacks before they happen.

  • Improving the accuracy of the terrorist watch list and banning the sale of deadly weapons to any terrorist suspects.