Jobs & The Economy

Zephyr Teachout believes that the beating heart of the Hudson Valley and Catskills has always been independent businesses and small to mid-scale farms.

Rebuilding a new, 21st Century economy is possible. But it means directly confronting decades of failed policy, driven by big business lobbyists and misguided regulation. Zephyr will fight to bring jobs home and make things in America again, and has a 7-point plan to support independent businesses and grow a thriving local economy. 

In Congress, Zephyr will protect jobs and grow our economy by:

  • Reducing out-of-control property taxes and providing relief for homeowners. The tax burden on families and independent business owners is simply too high. Because New York requires counties to take on Medicaid reimbursement costs, property taxes have skyrocketed. Zephyr supports property tax relief for middle-class homeowners and targeted tax help for households struggling with family needs like child care and job training.
  • Making big banks lend to independent businesses. Access to affordable credit is the lifeblood of independent business – both for start-up and continuing operations. But the big banks are choking our economic recovery. We must demand that they serve the independent businesses that are the backbone of our private-sector workforce.
  • Supporting "Buy American, Buy Local" and stopping disastrous trade deals. Trade deals like NAFTA and the proposed TPP are the work of lobbyists for big foreign monopolies, and they are devastating for our communities. We need common sense trade deals that protect local manufacturing and processing, and we must reject the TPP.
  • Cutting red tape and unfair fees. Big companies hire lobbyists to get tax loopholes in closed-door negotiations, while small companies have excess paperwork and none of the tax benefits. We must demand that when any regulation is evaluated, we consider the effect on local communities and independent businesses.
  • Controlling healthcare costs. Independent business owners are being squeezed by health insurance costs, where coverage for themselves and their employees is simply too expensive. We must reduce insurance costs by fighting the outrageous behavior of big pharmaceutical corporations that set arbitrary and abusive prices.
  • Taking on modern monopolies. As industry after industry has consolidated, our economy has become one where giant corporations corner markets, while independent businesses struggle to compete. By actually enforcing existing laws, and expanding our antitrust tools, we can take on the modern monopoly powers.
  • Ensuring access to universal competitive broadband and cell phone service to provide local business owners with the necessary tools they need to run a successful businesses and provide for their families. Access to high quality, affordable Internet and cell phone service is essential to compete in the 21st Century economy. Yet the services we now have are woefully inadequate.  We need to provide broadband service to every corner of the Hudson Valley and Catskills, and to boost our independent business economy to its thriving potential.