Protecting Public Education

Zephyr Teachout will be a champion for a better public education system where power and decision-making is pushed down to the local level. 

Zephyr Teachout grew up in a small town and went to a great public elementary school and high school. Her teachers were demanding. But they were also attentive, because they had the time and support to see each child and teach us not only the basics, but also about creativity and the responsibilities that all people have to each other. The teachers themselves, along with the parents, had a real say in defining and measuring our progress.

After college, Zephyr worked as a special education teacher’s aide in a rural public school, and saw the hurdles to learning posed by emotional challenges at home. A top-down, highly regimented testing regime like Common Core, would not have worked for all those children, in large part because it would have straight-jacketed teachers, instead of allowing them to respond to particular needs. Zephyr believes we need to strengthen our local public schools and push resources and decision making down to the principals, teachers, and parents who know how to educate their children best. 

In Congress, Zephyr will work for better public schools by:

  • Stopping government overreach on local public education and demand that federal officials stop dictating how we educate our own children here in the Hudson Valley.
  • Fighting against Common Core curriculum and oppressive high stakes testing.
  • Ensuring parents and teachers are involved in the decisions affecting our children.