Zephyr Teachout grew up in a rural community a few hours from her current home in Dutchess County, raised by parents who taught her to be independent. She is a reform-minded leader who has never been afraid of standing up to special interests and the political establishment — even members of her own party.

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  • Teachout Releases Fourth Ad: “Stood Up For”

    In her new television advertisement, Zephyr Teachout highlights her history of standing up against corruption as an independent voice for people, and presents a clear contrast with John Faso’s career as a politician and lobbyist. The ad features images of dozens of people of New York’s 19th Congressional district.

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  • HUGE NEWS: Elizabeth Warren endorses Zephyr Teachout!

    HUGE NEWS: Elizabeth Warren endorses Zephyr Teachout!

    "I want to serve in Congress with Zephyr so we can put people before powerful interests." - Elizabeth Warren

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  • Bombshell: Faso Urged Privatizing Social Security b/c It Would Be “a Boon to Wall Street”

    Today the Social Security Administration announced a tiny .3% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for the 65 million Americans current receiving Social Security benefits. Last year, recipients received no adjustment.

    “I want to strengthen and protect Social Security to make sure that working people who pay into the system receive their due. John Faso wants to privatize Social Security so his backers on Wall Street can profit at the expense of millions of Americans. It is unacceptable to put the people who wrecked our economy in charge of our retirement,” said Teachout.

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